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Is Fetal Doppler Safe? Top 6 Myths You MUST Know [QUICK TIP]

fetal doppler for pregnancy

As technology has advanced, there have been a lot of ways through which a growing baby in the womb of the pregnant mother can be assessed in terms of different parameters of health. A doppler heart monitor or a fetal doppler machine is one common example.

This comes as specifically important for mothers who have a medical condition and are expecting a child. Kidney problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart conditions are all some conditions in which a pregnant woman would be relatively more concerned about knowing the health of the baby. In that regard, if the baby's basic parameters, such as heartbeat, are monitored in time, it can help one detect any changes in the heartbeat and consequently, the blood flow in the baby's circulation. Then, here comes the question:

Is fetal doppler safe?

While, fetal doppler machine is basically an ultrasound device that uses the famous doppler’s Effect to identify a baby’s heartbeat. It is mainly found in a doctor’s office. However, due to the advancement of products in the industry, one can buy the fetal doppler for use at home.


1. How Does Fetal Doppler Work?

As discussed, using a doppler heart monitor can help identify the fetal blood circulation problems during the pregnancy so that effective interventions can be made – for example, early C-section in the 7th month of pregnancy in the case of fluctuated heart rate.

Scientific evidence also puts forth that using doppler ultrasound on the mother's umbilical artery can significantly alleviate the risks for perinatal death in case of a high-risk pregnancy. It might also result in a lot of lesser obstetric interventions that increase the risk of miscarriage and stillbirth.

On the other side, listening to the heartbeat of the baby through a device such as a monitor fetal doppler can be a reassuring as well as a serendipitous experience – this comes as especially convenient for the expecting parents who have to wait for a long time for their appointments – that way, they can reduce their anxiety from having to go out for the doctor’s office. They can simply use the device at home and reassure themselves of their baby’s regular heartbeat.


2. Is Fetal Doppler Safe To Use?

As long as you are not using the device too much, the monitor fetal doppler is believed to be perfectly safe. It is recommended to use the device for as little as 5 minutes every other day to make sure there is no harmful effect induced in the womb through overheating of the device. It’s all about how responsibly you use the doppler machine by applying the right pressure. You can get fetal doppler for sale from a retail center or an online store and read the instructions for its use. It is generally advised by brands to use the fetal doppler after the 12th week of the pregnancy – the start of the second trimester.

If you have any concerns regarding using the device, you can always ask a doctor or a healthcare professional to guide you on how to use the device – how to exert the right pressure and for how long you should be using the device. With just a little research, you can be confident in the safe use of the baby sound fetal doppler.


3. Is Fetal Doppler Easy To Use?

Many people hesitate to use different medical at-home devices with the concern of hard-to-follow instructions. Luckily, using a baby sound fetal doppler is easy and takes no more than a few minutes to use. For easily using a doppler heart monitor, all you have to do is to connect the main detector body with the probe of the doppler. As you lie straight on your back, you are required to put some ultrasound gel on to the region where you have to assess the baby's heartbeat. Depending on your gestational stage, the doctor can guide you on where to use the probe for assessing the heart rate of the fetus.

As you put the prob to the area to be observed, you are required to turn on the device from the lowest position and move your way upwards. You may find more details about how to use fetal doppler the right way here.

how to use fetal doppler 

4. Can I Recognize Which Is My Own Heartbeat And Which Is My Baby's?

The fetal doppler as an ultrasound device is designed to pick up on audible frequencies when operated. This can include arteries and placenta which might mimic the heartbeat of the baby. To make sure you are only listening to the baby’s heartbeat, you need to consider the following:

  • A baby's range for heartbeat per minute is around 120 to 180 BPM – beats per minute, which is a lot faster than your heart rate. That is why if you get a reading of 60 to 80 BPM, it is probably your own heart rate.
  • Hearing two beats at a time could mean two things: Either you hear the same sound in two different places, or you have twins.
  • It is observed that the mother’s lifestyle habits can influence the baby’s heart rate. For example, if the mother smokes or drinks tea (nicotine and caffeine), it can induce an increase in the heart rate of the baby. Similarly, alcohol intake or elevated psychological stress in the mother can also accelerate the heart rate of the fetus in the womb.


5. Does Fetal Doppler Cause More Anxiety If I Know My Baby's Heartbeat?

Scientifically, fetal doppler sonography in itself is a useful method of assessment for finding out the influence of a mother's anxiety on a baby's heartbeat. So, on a logical scale, saying that a fetal doppler is responsible for causing anxiety in a mother is a rare sight to see, and specifically in cases where there is a high-risk pregnancy already pointed out by a doctor.


6. Falsely believing that Fetal Doppler is an Alternative to the Doctor Visit

A fetal doppler machine is an excellent way of knowing about your fetal heartbeat at home. If, however, you notice any abnormality, it is advised to seek immediate medical attention so essential interventions can be done in time. Also, having a fetal monitor does not mean you exempt yourself from going to necessary appointments.



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